29 Critical Factors (in Linkedin Lead Generation)

As a Microsoft Master Trainer, I have the chance to educate and provide services to hundreds of clients each year. It is very apparent that Linkedin (one of Microsoft’s products) is critical to B2B and B2C organizations. Here are the 29 critical factors in Linkedin Lead Generation that will open up your sales funnel and gather you more inquiries.

Linkedin Profile

The starting factor has to be your profile, which is your doorway to potential clients. Ensure you have completed these aspects:

  1. Profile cover image that includes a CTA or service description
  2. Professional photo (this is not Tinder)
  3. A headline that tells Linkedin Leads
    1. what you do,
    2. who you do it for and
    3. how you do it (see mine by clicking the link)
  4. A summary that begins with testimonials/recommendations
    1. from real people
    2. found further down in your profile
  5. Endorsements for your key skills
  6. Recommendations for your services

Thought-Leadership Content

If you’re going you’re going to standout and appear in search results for potential clients, you need content. Generally posting nice photos of your cat or kids on holiday won’t cut it. Post content appropriate to your industry and write articles that are useful, predictions, training-focused and sharing new developments.

  1. Have a clear, short title
  2. Include relevant images
  3. Link to your bio or website
  4. Paste hashtags at the bottom for your keywords
  5. Use keywords in the headings and text
  6. @name invite people in your industry (that you are connected with) to view your content when you post it

Consistent Linkedin Lead Generation Outreach

It is true, that Rome was not built in a day. Additionally, a successful sales funnel is built over time, consistently reaching out to the right people. Here is how:

  1. Buy Sales Navigator (SN) if you can afford it
  2. With or without SN use all the filters possible to dig deep into your prospect demographics
    1. industry
    2. role title
    3. seniority
    4. location
    5. recent activity on Linkedin
  3. Reach out to 100 new people per day
    1. You can view their profile
    2. Invite them to connect & share your external links
    3. Endorsement
    4. Send a message – more importantly, send them a link to your content and invite them to share, like & comment

Launch your Linkedin Lead Generation today

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