6 Keys to Growing your Linkedin Lead Generation (Company page)

Linkedin Company Pages are a great way to increase your company’s exposure to the right people. The following is a summary of a great article I published on Linkedin.

The 6 Keys

  1. Set up a publishing schedule – Linkedin uses a 3-4 times per day structure. With hundreds of publishers they can do this, and the same content is published multiple times on different platforms – so do not feel it all needs to be new content or you need to be this prolific. The key point is to publish regularly.
  2. Use Rich Media – images, slideshows, videos, animations, infographics, GIFs, charts and graphs are all useful to help engage readers.
  3. Scale and realign your Rich Media to fix the recommended publishing guidelines so your media appears perfectly on all platforms.  Linkedin recommends 1200×627 for images (see below for an outline).
  4. 4-1-1
    • Share 4 valuable pieces of content created by other people
    • Share 1 piece of content about you – skills and talents or opinion related
    • Share 1 piece of content about your company – goods, services, CTA
  5. Tag potential customers – if you have connected with someone on Linkedin (1st Connection) use the @name process by putting their Linkedin publicly displayed name in place of ‘name’ so they are tagged (like on Facebook) in your ‘post’ of your article. They will be notified, read and hopefully engage.
  6. Hashtag – if you’re not sure which hashtag to put in your post text or on your articles, check our the searchable list here and find some to follow & use that will alert your audience and appear in search results on Linkedin

This is a short list and will be very helpful as you begin to build your sales funnel using Linkedin for Lead Generation.

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